The Wireless Power Magic Rabbit

by: ZippyKit

JUMPIN makes electricity jump ... through the air!

Our little elves have worked hard during easter to bring you an exciting new toy! Learn how wireless electricity works and how it jumps through the air by adopting our new friend Jumpin!

Approach Jumpin to the top of its hat to make its eyes magically illuminate! It is "Wireless Power"

How does it work?

By building this toy, children and parents can learn together about 'wireless power inductors'. As soon as Jumpin gets close to the top of the hat you can experience the magic ... energy flows wirelessly and invisibly into Jumpin and its eyes illuminate.

No previous skills are required, no sewing, no soldering or dangerous tools. Build it at home, in the park, when travelling ... entertainment and learning wherever you are.

  • Suitable from 3 years old onwards, adult help required for children under 6.
  • Batteries are not included, it requires the classic 2xAA batteries to power the hat.
  • Instructions are included in the packaging.

ZippyKit has been designed to bridge gender gaps in education allowing both girls and boys to approach electronics for the first time with confidence, learn about new materials, craft, textures and 3D construction.

It is cute, soft and funny and also great for intergenerational exchange as an activity shared with the entire family. We design the toy's characters with a neutral appeal allowing children's own imagination to fill the gap and invent their own stories. Children customise the toy with stickers, markers and also sewing with the help of an adult.

Instructions and adventures can be found in ZippyKit youtube channel

1. Technical details:​        

  • Finished toy diameter:  14cm  
  • Finished Hat height: 7cm      
  • Packaging: 18 x 8 x 4cm ​​                                   

2. Materials:      

  • Common felt      
  • LED Illuminating eyes 
  • Copper Coils
  • Circuitry
  • Batteries NOT included, it requires 2xAA 

3.Caring instructions      

  • Avoid contact with water specially once batteries have being placed inside​.
  • If the toy gets wet, remove batteries, dry toy, and only when fully dried place batteries back.

4. Acknowledgments      

  • Concept: Elena Corchero      
  • Design: Elena Corchero      
  • Technology: David Huertas     
  • Illustrations: Guillermo Fernandez

5. Crafted in UK by LostValues Ltd. for ZippyKit


Category: -For Kids, -Unisex, Do It Yourself, Vegan

Type: Toys

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