The Smart Puppet for iPads and Tablets

by: ZippyKit

Get both girls and boys learning tech by building their own tablet-interactive toy. Connecting virtual adventures to the real world!

With the "Smart Puppet" you can learn electronics and build a new friend that brings your tablet adventures into the real world. The secret is in its "smart Paws" which allow the toy to navigate touch-screen devices.

MITTIN is a new friend that interacts with tablets connecting your adventures with the real world.

No tools or previous skills required, you can build it wherever you are and take it wherever you wish.

ZippyKit has developed a unique textile linking system that requires no sewing, avoiding the use of dangerous needles and quickly showing children how a 2D shape turns into a 3D object. A very important part of understanding volumes, space and mathematics.

Once your Smart Puppet is built you can play your favourite games on a tablet. Make music, draw, learn your abcs, explore maps, from your neighbourhood to the corners of the universe and even get together to read your favourite stories while its Smart Paws pass the pages of an e-book.

- Acknowledgments      

Concept: Elena Corchero      

Design: Elena Corchero      

Technology: Elena Corchero 

Crafted in UK by Smart Materials Specialists LostValues Ltd.

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